Memories of Evelyn Miller

This blog is dedicated to the memory of our granddaughter, Evelyn Celeste Miller. Evey went missing July 1st and her body was recovered July 6th from the Cedar River near Floyd, Iowa. This venue will help celebrate the wonder that she was and also post up-to-date information on the wait for justice. If you have any information about the crime please contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Office at 1-641-228-1821 or e-mail me directly.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Christmas Memory

Christmas 2003 Posted by Picasa

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At 8:50 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Richard, I hope you and your family can enjoy this Christmas, I know it will be hard being the first without Evelyn.

The National Voice for Children was not around last Xmas and this year is our first year for having a toy drive that will provide toys for needy children of the Rio Grande Valley and Mexico.

I encourage all people to try to give to this program or a program like it in your own area.

Here is the link for the NVFC toy campaign,,com_performs/formid,1/

Merry Christmas and great picture of Evelyn.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Mr. Jeweler said...

I just wanted to say that the posted Thanksgiving prayer is one of the most beautiful prayers I've ever heard.

This Christmas will be particularly difficult, and my prayers will be going out for all of you who love Evey so much. May some measure of peace be yours this Christmas season.

Please know that your little angel will never be forgotten by me or many others who never had the pleasure of knowing her. I believe with all my heart that justice will be found for Evey on this earth. Godly justice will be inescapable and certain, but an earthly justice will be forthcoming too.



At 12:53 AM, Blogger omeriah said...

i miss you, my sweet pea girl..

At 12:54 AM, Blogger omeriah said...

i miss you,sweet pea girl.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Marci B said...

I was blessed to know Evelyn for a short amount of time. I worked in her preschool classroom. Evelyn was a beautiful and loving little girl. I now am a teacher and have a preschool classroom of my own. On my desk I have a picture of Evelyn. Everyday I look at her beautiful face and pray that her family will have justice for what has happened to her. God bless her family and little Evelyn. May you find comfort in the arms of an angel. What a beautiful tribute to Evelyn!! I will never forget you Evelyn!!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger WatchingFlorida said...

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful child. My heart breaks for her. Today I read the article on CNN that someone was arrested for lying about the case to the FBI. I remembered when the Amber Alert was issued for her on Fox News.

I just have One question..Why in God's name would the Mother of this Angel stay with "Casey" after finding out he had porn pictures and movies on his computer???? He claims it was a computer virus. Does she really believe that?

I believe this "Casey" had something to do with this murder and surely his friends do too as well. Why was she sleeping in the living room, where was the Mother?

I hate to critcise the Mother of this child but I have to. Shame on her for not having better sense. She has serious self esteem issues.

Richard, is she your daughter? I am confused about the relationship here, but if she is your daughter and she is still with this creep with the CHILD PORN, you better step back and rethink that one. WAKE UP.

God Bless and I am so sorry for the loss of this child's life. She was so sweet looking. May she RIP.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger tessa_schmitt said...

Hey!!! This is Tessa. Christies daughter.
I didn't see Evey that much but when I did it was ALWAYS a special moment.
I can't even imagine how hard it's been for her closer fmaily members when it's been hard to me. I dont understand why someone could have so much hate inside of them to do something to Evey. A girl who never did any harm. It's RETARDED. I wish all of you good luck to be getting over this TRAGIC moment. Evelyn will NEVER be forgotten. We all love her and who did this to her.....they know they are twisted, dispicable,and non worthy of life!!!!! Sorry to say. That's how me and my sister Whitnee feel on this situation. LOVE YOU EVEY .. R.I.P.

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Shane said...

Sir, I dont know you, and I don't know if you still read these, but I am Noel's cousin Shane. Aunt Diane is my father's sister. I never had the chance to meet Evelyn, but I still feel the loss of a family member. My heart goes out to you and those who knew her.


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